Home Prices Rise in Lodi Stockton Manteca Tracy

Home Prices Rise in Lodi Stockton Manteca Tracy

Who is going to rescue the U. S.economy?   Is it a Democrat?   Is it a Republican?   No, it is none other than Ben Bernanke, the United States Federal Reserve Chairman who surprised everybody last week by announcing he is now determined to boost jobs.    To create jobs, the Federal Reserve will continue to do their part in re-inflating house prices which will benefit huge masses of our population in such jobs as movers, carpet-makers, home lenders and of course, homeowners. 

The Federal Reserve’s plan is to buy up $40 billion of mortgages each month which will lower mortgage rates and help increase the availability of money for home loans while at the same time raising home prices.   So the wealth effect is coming back in all things in which our society has common ownership such as the stock market, housing prices which in turn will psychologically make people feel better about themselves and our economy.    This all gives new meaning to the phrase “Don’t Fight The Fed’s”

So it will be business as usual.    What does that mean?   How can you benefit from this move? 

Housing Prices Are Going Up


For those that are in the position to do so, you may want to think about investing back into the housing market. Get on the train while the good times last.   Like the video- in this article refers, “Don’t fight the Fed!”   Call us if you would like help in finding what you want at the right price. 

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