Responses to Seller Frequently Asked Questions

The following are responses to seller frequently asked questions:

When Should I Sell?

As you’ll see in this video, real estate marketplaces are generally most active in summer because families with children want to move in before school starts.  Start working with a real estate professional as early as possible to make the most of your sale in any season.

When Should I Sell

How Can I Improve My Home’s Value?

Buyers generally seek the least expensive home in the best neighborhood they can financially handle. Like the guy in the video says, you want to present a home that fits in the neighborhood but doesn’t stand out too much.

Improving Your Homes Value

Six Home-Selling Mistakes

If you’re selling, don’t do these things -take some notes from the video!  Remember – It was your home but to the buyer, it’s just a house.

6 Home Selling Mistakes

How Do I Select a Broker To Help Me Sell?

Like the video shows, it’s a good idea to compare several.  And ask these questions. Get the key facts in writing to help you compare your options.

How Do I Select

What Details Can I Ask Brokers in Advance?

This video tells you what any real estate professional would tell you.  Be comfortable with your choices before signing a listing agreement.

What Can I Ask Brokers

How Do I Set The Price On My House?

While this video simplifies things,  to help you remember the main points:  “Your aim is to get the best price AND terms in your market during the period you’re selling.”

Setting Your Price

How Is A Home Marketed?

As you’ll see in the video, every home and market is a unique situation. Good marketing plans are specific to both.

How Is A Home Marketed

What Is A Counter-Offer?

The video puts this in more visual terms, but basically, a seller can respond to a buyer’s offer with changes – a counter – that improves the terms.

What is a Counter Offer

What Does the Closing Process Involve When I Sell?

As this video explains, a signed sales contract doesn’t mean your house is sold. There are still financial, contractual and legal steps for both sides.
The Closing Process for Home Sellers

What Does the Closing Meeting Involve for the Seller?

Watch this video to get a quick idea of the seller’s side of  closing.  Also known as settlement and escrow,  the closing is a meeting where property, money, title and liens are exchanged between all the parties involved.

Closing Meetings for Sellers


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